From Hip Hop to Bachata, from Nickelodeon to Mexican Regional, Danny Hastings turns music into moving pictures.  His videos have reached Top #1’s for all the artists he has directed a video for, demonstrating his ability to truly understand music and also understand how to maximize the star power of his clientele. “Directing music videos is easy for me because I come from Photographing and Art Directing Album covers. I’ve been interpreting music into visuals for 20 years.  I am very proud that my music videos are in a way  like my album covers, non of my music videos look the same, they all have their on visual fingerprint in the world of visual arts.”

Some of his clientele include Prince Royce, Don Omar, Gerardo Ortiz, Dead Prez, Nickelodeon, DJ Premier and Wu Tang Clan just to name a few and collectively his videos have reached over 2 billion hits in digital platforms.